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Is what bought is a “yesterdayzer”?

Is what you have just spent on already “so yesterday”?

Music video So Yesterday explores the concept of crazes. Children are often exposed to a lot of crazes, be it a new kind of snacks, a new toy they see on TV commercials, a new game they see all of their classmates obsessed with. The main difference of a craze and a real interest [another term maybe, as the anonym of ‘craze’] is that, a craze is short-lived and dies out quickly when another one arises. The music video goes through the thought process of realizing the differences between a real interest and a craze and why children should always what they are really interested in instead of following crazes to just try to fit it.


Is this a Craze or a True Interest?

Every single day, children are exposed to new trends. Through schoolmates as well as advertising, they are bombarded with new snack...

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So Yesterday

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