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Charity loves to give and share. She is a sweet and loving person always looking for ways to help out those in need whether it's by giving money or her time & talents.

Charity's main goal in life is to donate money for good causes. Give 4 Grain, a charity providing food in areas hit by famine, is the charity she is most involved with. In the music video "Charity", she also supports a Food Bank that delivers delicious home-cooked meals to elderly people who may be homebound.

Favorite Pastime: Charity loves to garden

Favorite Color: Yellow

Favorite Food: Ice cream & cupcakes

Guitar and Vocals

Fun-loving Justin is a born entrepreneur and has lots of great business ideas. He loves taking on new projects and energetically dives into them head first.

A positive, self-confident person, Justin brings ideas to life by using initiative, determination, and drive. He also does it by starting with a single idea, understanding what people want and need and making that idea a reality. In the music video “Entrepreneur”, some of Justin’s best ideas to earn money to date include: a lemonade stand; dog-walking; gardening and a delivery service.

Favorite Pastime: Justin loves to watch cartoons

Favorite Color: Green

Favorite Food: Seafood

Keyboards and Vocals

A careless spender and shopaholic, Pepper wants everything she sees and right now. Fixated on immediate gratification, she hyperactively zips around town spending money without thinking of her options and whether she will have enough left over to buy a ticket for a concert she really wants to attend with her friends.

While shoes and clothes are her biggest weaknesses, she buys nearly anything that catches her eye. She eventually learns the important lesson to slow down and think about what she is buying and why in the music video “Little Spender”.

Favorite Pastime: Pepper likes to hang out with her friends

Favorite Color: Pink

Favorite Food: Strawberries and cream

Rhythm Guitar and Vocals

Zul loves cars and has one aim in life: to become a race car driver. He is sensible and determined; in order to achieve this, he knows he needs to learn to save for success.

He is appreciative for all that he has and that everything costs money. When it comes to getting things that he wants, he will work hard to earn it. When Zul dreams of his ultimate car, it is the Ferrari 250 GTO. Check out how he earns enough money to buy his dream remote control car in the music video "It's Got To Be Earned".

Favorite Pastime: Zul goes go-kart racing on the weekends

Favorite Color: Red

Favorite Food: Chicken Rice

Lead Guitar and Vocals

Prudence is wise and practical and as such, makes it a habit to save money.

She learned early that if she takes some of the money that she gets and saves it, she can make her dreams for the future come true! As a result, she has been in the good habit of saving 10% of everything she has earned for years. She’s the high-net-worth band member; both organized and helpful. In the music video “Saving for Success”, Prudence teaches the rest of the band why it is good to save for their long term dreams.

Favorite Pastime: Prudence dreams of travelling to exotic locales on holidays

Favorite Color: Purple

Favorite Food: Pizza

Drums and Vocals

A lovable gentle-giant, Bobby does not have the street smarts or self-control some of his friends have. In short, he is not so good with money.

He is quite good at earning but unable to plan for his spending. In the music video “Grow Money”, Bobby finally learns not to spend all the money he receives, and ends up managing to save up and buy a new set of drums.

Favorite Pastime: Bobby likes to play electronic games, trade cards, read comics

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite Food: Desserts

Prudence Foundation is the community investment arm of Prudential Corporation Asia. Prudential Corporation Asia is a business unit of Prudential plc of the United Kingdom. Neither Prudential Corporation Asia nor Prudential plc are affiliated in any manner with Prudential Financial, Inc., a company whose principal place of business is in the United States of America. In Taiwan and Korea, Prudential Corporation Asia trades under the PCA name for its insurance business. Its asset management business in Asia operates under the name Eastspring Investments.